Monday, September 8, 2008

Bella Boo's 4th Bday Dinner!

After Christian's Bday BBQ we headed north to catch Bella's bday dinner with my fam.
Gabriella has really been fun these days.. She is such a sassy, sweet, girly girl!
I love her soo much. She is definetly my girl!
We ate a yummy pasta dish that my sister made and delicious mini cake.
Enjoy the pics..
Sorry it was really hot.... so bella isnt wearing any pants! haha....

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rockinmama said...

yay for bella's bday! =) i love you, branny. so glad you are home, can't wait to see you tomorrow! you are the sweetest! ps...i was laughing about your comment re: circle preschool and being "geezerish"! ha ha. you are so cute and funny. love you so much!