Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bella's BELLE Tea Party!!

Yesterday our lil niece celebrated her fourth bday with all her beautiful princess friends.. My sister did an amazing job setting up the best tea party ive ever seen. She had all the food and treats plus all the decor to go along.. 
She rented a princess tent with all the seat covers and tool.. and she set up all of Gabriella's princess dresses for all the lil girls to wear!
It was the cutest party Ive ever seen!
All the girls were soo funny and loved every moment..
Then... my best friend Cheri, showed up as BElle from Beauty and the beast as a surprise for Gabriella!!
It was absolutely histerical.. they all bought it and were glued by her side and asked the funniest questions..
Wow.. Cheri you are such a trooper!!
Cheri aka Belle was the hit of the party!
Well it was a wonderful day with the family and Sean was the designated photographer, which he loved and took over 400 pictures!! 
Hope you find the magic in your day today.. because it was a magical day in our world yesterday!

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