Monday, December 1, 2008

Its beginning to look alot like Christmas!!

Decorating our cute charlie brown tree.
Christmas '08(hahaha-we are so cheesy)
Sean finishing up his amazing creation
Watch out griswalds.. Sean is pretty into it.
Many of my closest friends call me "Mrs. Claus" this time of year, because I get so excited to spread the christmas cheer. What other time of year is more cheery then Christmastime? Although stressful and emotional for some, me included, it is such a wonderful time to appreciate your friends and family. But, the most important of all is that our Savior was born. This year Sean and I are starting a new tradition of Prayer Advent. We are putting 25 things to pray for over the next 25 days. Tonight we are sitting and writing simple phrases or people's names on pieces of paper and putting them in a cookie jar so that we can pull one out each day and pray for our country, friends, family, future, eachother.... 
Christmas would be so dry without the true meaning of Christmas.
Well this past weekend we got out all of my christmas tubs and decked the halls of the trai trai.. and Sean tried to compete with "Christmas Vacation" for the outside of the trailer.. I love how i love decorating the inside.. while sean gets sooo excited to put up the lights and design new surprises.


rockinmama said...

you guys are SO cute and SO sweet! =) i *love* the idea of your prayer advent...what a great thing to do! love you sweet branny girl! xoxo

lazarofamily said...

LOVE the "08" but not gonna lie - spent a minute figuring out your "ghetto" signs =) Love the "trai trai" ornament! prayer advent is very special - ditto on my 2nd 1/2's comments.

The Devers said...

you guys are TOO CUTE! i love your Christmas spirit and the adorable lights on your home! you make me smile! xoxoxo