Monday, December 29, 2008

Progressive DInner with BESTIES!!

The weekend before Cmas, all of us best girlfriends from PLNU, got together and had an amazing Cmas Progressive dinner. We traveled to 4 houses. Started in Point Loma at our old palace where we used to all live. We had appetizers at one place then moved on to have caprese and pizza, then pasta for dinner and last dessert and games. It was so fun. It took a little bit longer than expected, and didn't eat dinner til 10pm.. but we all enjoyed ourselves and it was a really fun idea, especially since 3 of the couples live downtown. So festive and fun. We are so blessed to have such amazing friends.. And i adore all the husbands that my best friend's chose.. they all get along so well! Nothing better than friends, food, wine and fun

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