Monday, December 29, 2008

ChristMAS DAY!!

The ANNUAL Football game!

My classic brother got my ALL AMERICAN REPUBLICAN GRANDPA- a card from obama and a Hilary clinton air freshner for his car... sooo funny!
My sis and cousin.. who announced she was pregnant with their first baby! so exciting!!
Bella with her big pink package from Tata B and Uncle Seanny. Waiting patiently to open!
They sure love attacking their uncle seanny

Brothers and Sisters with Diego
Brothers and sisters with princess Bella
I love my bella boo and she loves me!
( she chose to ride with tata b and uncle sean to gma betty lou's and she was pure comedy the entire time- yelling at sean because he was talking on his phone while driving instead of his earpiece- telling him he was going to be in BIG TROUBLE.. so funny)

There is no other day like it all year long... It is probably one of my favoritest things in life. Our cmas was really nice this year. We spent Cmas eve working and then cooking for Sean's family. We then spent the evening watching elf and eating lots of yummy desserts, sean's cousin brought over. 
Then Christmas day, Sean and I had a fun morning waking up to the lit tree in our trailer, getting ready to have a day filled with joy. We headed up to my sister's place at like 9am. My mother and sister prepared a delicious big cmas breakfast. We had my mom's famous egg strata with bacon and sausage, monkey bread, and coffee cake. It was to die for. We then opened stockings and gifts. Around noon, we loaded in the cars and headed to L.A to celebrate at my grandparents with cousins and extended family. It was filled with a white elephant gift exchange, tasty food, annual football game,(which the Walker, Gentzkow, Lazaro, Piezonka team Conquered the Abels this year and got to take home the MIMI trophy), more games and carols.. My grandparents are the cutest.. always have it all planned out. 
Always entertaining..
Well now Christmas is over and have high hopes for 2009. This is a year of change and growth and We are so excited to see what it brings. Love you all.. hope you had a wonderful christmas and an amazing new year!!

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