Friday, December 12, 2008


Christmas in NY- (Radio city in background)
The amazing MOHONK Mtn House
I love this man, i love holding his hand.
Hiding in the wheat.
Ice skating
It snowed!!
He is so Romantic.

Our cute rocking chairs on our balcony at Mohonk
Rockafeller and its snowing!!
Our sweet friend Carol- the first snow in NYC for the year!

Last thursday we left for our big vacation to NYC. We were there for 6 days and it was non-stop FUN! We had a great time staying with one of my old roomates, Carol, who now lives in Brooklyn. Carol is an interior designer and she lives with 3 other girls from San Diego in a cozy apartment in Brooklyn, NY. She was so sweet and let us stay in her room the whole week. Well we had a wonderful time walking the cmas decorated streets. We shopped, ate great food, went to shows and took an adventure to upstate NY for a one night stay.

Up in New Paltz, NY there is a historical monument called the "Mohonk Mountain House". Sean and i found out about it after we already planned our trip to NYC, so once we researched to see how we could get there for a day or so. 

This place was AMAZING. Sean took some awesome pictures of it, but it doesn't even give the grandness of this place. It was one of the prettiest places we have ever been to. It was so nice to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and stay one night in a serene captivating resort.

Sean and I celebrated many things on this trip. We celebrated our 1 year anniversary, my birthday, Christmas, and of course an anniversary of when Sean proposed to me. 

The last day we were in NY, we walked through central park and Sean put me out on the rock he proposed to me, and told me that, asking me to marry him was by far the best and most important decision he has ever made. I about melted again in his arms. We are so in love and this trip helped us recap all the fun we have had to together and continue to have. 

There really is nothing like NY at Christmastime. 
You feel so full of life and spirited for the season.

Besides the spirited decor, there were two very Spirited by God things that happened on our trip. The first encounter was at the mtn house. 

During the afternoon they have tea time.. everyone gathers around and drinks tea by the fire. While we were sipping on tea we met this group of people. Ends up, that they were believers and that their were so many ties to us with baylor connections and corpus christi ties... anyways we continued to chat and found out that they were launching a bible study and they told us that they would pray for us this year in their bible study. It was so divine how God works!!

The second God thing was during the Radio City show, the last scene was a live nativity scene and they read Jesus' birth from the bible. It was so cool that they weren't being PC, and just doing a holiday show, but they kept to the true meaning of CHRISTmas!

Well, as we move closer to the special day, may us all remember the true meaning of christmas everyday. It is so hard not to be distracted by our consuming society, but our prayer is that we will all continue to celebrate the precious birth of our Savior.


lazarofamily said...

LOVE all the pics...LOVED hearing your stories...JEALOUS (have to admit) that I wasn't in NY w/ you...must plan a trip in the next decade =) SO happy for you guys and that you had an amazing time. that ice skating pic is a keeper - Adorable! LOVE you guys! oh, and LOVE the new blog background, my "faux" sister will be envious.

RGrose said...


I am one of the Mohonk people you met. We still talk about you (our beautiful couple!) We read of Sean's release from the Astros, believe me, I know of the heartache of baseball. Hang in there! God has wonderful things in store for you! You are such an encouragement. We will continue to pray for you.

Ruth Grose, Middlesex, NJ