Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mustache Mania!!

SOoo lucky me.. i got welcomed home by MR. Mustache himself..
Sean thought it was really funny to grow a disgusting mustache.. so he has.. and he continues. There were like 5 of them that all started growing staches on the team. Most of them have shaved them off since they have been back in town.. Except Sean of coarse!! He thinks its really cool!! I disagree!! There is nothing good about it.. It looks ridiculous.. it scratches me when i kiss him.. it makes my face break out.. and it scares lil children away!! Ha ha.. it was so funny.. we were in the grocery store the other day and sean was trying to talk to this lil kid and he wouldnt talk back.. he hid behind his mom... usually kids flock to sean.. but not molester mustache sean!! HA HA!! Well I told him to live it up out here.. because he will never be allowed to have one in san diego! I have allowed it out here.. because it just goes along with our ghetto Texas life!!
Well other than the stache.. i am so thankful to have seanny home! It has been soo fun.. we have made dinners again together.. and enjoyed the pool and jacuzzi.. taken lots of pictures(hence all his model shots of his proud trademark...).
Well love you all!!

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