Saturday, July 5, 2008

I am sooo LUCKY!!

I am so in love with my husband! I put music on our blog.. you can see a list to the left of some of my favorite songs.. Sean played this song "LUcky " by Jason Mraz for me the other day right before he left for his roadtrip!! He is so cute and sensitive!
It is the cutest song.. you should listen to all the words!! I am HOnestly sooo lucky to have Sean in my life!! I just wanted yall to know how i am sooo lucky to have the most amazing HUsband in the world!! He is so caring, encouraging, uplifting, joyful, loving, intentional, Godly...
Ok enough mush talk!! Just extremely bored without him here and with no job.. and have had a lot of time to think and well i just miss him and am so inspired by him. It has been a very difficult season and yet he still perseveres with joy in his heart!
Ok well.. maybe if you are married tell your husband you love him.. if you arent married.. then tell someone you love, that you love them! Ok i am done.. and i truly love you all!! oh gosh i think i might cry.. been real emotional lately!! YIKES!!

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