Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nothing to do in Corpus.. Want to GOLF??

So sean and i got REALLY frustrated on Tuesday when we sat around ALL morning.. Complaining about how there is NOthing to do in Corpus Christi..
After being grumpy for most of the day.. Sean said lets go golf tomorrow! I said.. i dont know how.. He said.. i will teach you..
Well after deciding that may be fun.. I found out that 3 other guys from the team had a tee time set up for wed at 10am.. HmMM... Did my husband really want to take me golfing.. or did he want to play with his pals?? i dont know.. but it was fun! I mostly drove the cart, and putted a few times.. but it was fun.. Then a huge storm passed through and we all got drenched!!
It was fun. We only played 9 holes.. but i think that was good for me!
I would definetly go back! After all my mother in law is pro at golf.. So i should learn so i can play with her some day!!
Well love you guys!!

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