Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mama Gretch came to Corpus!!

A lot has happened this past week!
My mom flew in last wednesday! It has been so much fun to have her around! She is the Best! Then on Thursday, I got authorized my texas nursing license. So back to work i went!! It was bad timing in that it was issued to me while my mom was here.. but she didn't mind.. so i went and worked 2 of the days she was here. My mom and I had fun laying by the pool, shopping at our Local favorites: Marshalls, Ross, Old Navy.. and our mall has a fantastic Forever 21!!
We also bbq'd with seanny, swam, went to church, and the texas state aquarium!
It all was very fun. This past monday was my mom's birthday. I felt really bad because I worked.. but we enjoyed a great baseball game after work!
Then on Tuesday we headed up to San Antonio!
Yesterday, we went downtown to the riverwalk, where we ate lunch at a BBQ place. Then we walked around, hung out with Sean and his baseball buddies, and then checked in to the team hotel!
Later in the day, we went to this great mall in Fiesta, Texas. It was very close to where we were staying. We enjoyed going to the Nordstrom sale and eating tasty food from the Nordy Cafe!!
This mall was sooo cool! It had everything from Nordstrom to Anthropologie to Forever to Gap to Banana to whatever you could think of!
Anyways we had a lot of fun and then went to the bball game at the San Antonio stadium.
The San Antonio Missions are the Double AA team for the San Diego Padres.. so its kind of to think that some of these guys might be in SD some day!!
Well today was the last day with mi madre here.. so we went to the ALAMO.. Read above for more about the ALAMO!!

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