Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter in Orlando!

Hey everyone! Hope you all had an amazing Easter Sunday! It actually was one of my most favorite Easters! I know. I thought I was going to be really sad being away from home, family, cousins, amazing food, Easter egg hunts... But Sean and I had the best time! The day before, Sean pitched an amazing game! He threw 5 innings, and it was AWESOME!! The coaches told him before the game that he was going to have to hit that day too. Sean hasn't hit since high school, so when it was his time to go up to the plate, he was nothing but smiles! It was like a lil boy in tee ball.. he was so anxious to get a piece of that ball. Sean did great.. and after a couple balls and a couple strikes, he hit the ball soo hard.. right up third base line. Unfortunately they got him out.. but it was so fun to watch. I had my camera to take his picture, but of coarse the battery was completely dead!!
Anyway after a great game. We came home had a nice dinner and then dyed Easter eggs. We had a lot of fun.. they weren't turning out the way Martha Stewart had taught us on TV an earlier day!! But nonetheless, Sean was hysterical with all his ideas!
The Next day was Easter! We got up early, opened our Easter baskets, and Sean sent me on a egg hunt throughout our apartment that he had hid when i went to bed the night before. So Adorable!! Each egg had another clue to find the next egg.. all led up to an amazing date he is taking me on tonight! We are goin to go lay out at this cool hotel, then out to dinner to this really nice restaurant, then off to fun zone to race on the go cart track! Should be really fun!
Well after opening our baskets.. we headed over to Mimi's for a tasty breakfast, then went to an awesome church!
After Sean was done with baseball, we had 2 other couples over to eat a big Easter feast! I made a delicious ham, great potato casserole,baked beans, rolls for dinner,plus turkey pin rolls, veggie platter, and fresh guac and chips for appetizers. It all turned out real good. I was so excited everything worked out! I had never made a ham or my moms famous Easter potatoes and was a bit worried.. but all worked perfectly! It was really fun to hang out with the other couples and after dinner we played battle of the sexes! So hilarious! Of course the girls won!!
Well we still don't know where we are goin! Looks still like Double AA but.. who knows!!
Keep praying.. we will update as soon as we know. It is crazy that it is Tuesday and we probably are leaving Thursday and yet we don't know still for sure! SO NERVE RACKING!!
Well love you all... Have a great Week!!

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