Monday, March 31, 2008

We are Finally in Corpus and Welcomed by a Popstar Surprise!!

So in the last four days we have stayed in 4 different cities! It has been soo crazy. We left Orlando Thurs afternoon and arrived in Hammond, LA thursday night. We got there after 9 hours of driving, and once we arrived David Clemons was itchin to go grab some food and shoot some pool with us. He is amazing guy! Now I know why sean has been so obsessed over him. He is all around GREAT!! So at 10pm we walked down to town and grabbed some pizza and shot some pool. We were out til 115 am and then hit the sack to wake up at 8 am the next day to drive 9 hours to Dallas, Tx. Once we arrived in Dallas we met up with one of sean's old friend's from Baylor. We then went to another friend of Sean's Rehearsal dinner. It was fun to meet many of the guys sean lived with throughout college. My dear friend Dana was also in this wedding, so i got to see her at the dinner. Very fun!! That night we crashed at his friend's house. We woke up Saturday mornin to head to Round Rock, Tx for an exibition game against triple AAA. That game was really fun! Austin is awesome! Then Sunday mornin we headed to our final destination, Corpus Christi!! We arrived here and had to drop Sean immediatly off at the field! I met up with a couple other wives, grabbed lunch, got ready for the game and then went to their 2nd exibition game.

This game was really fun because Mr Sexy back himself was at the game! Justin Timberlake is in a new movie called "The Open Road"- and it is based off a baseball theme. He is a Corpus Christi Hook in the movie, therefore they were shooting some of the film at the field! Jessica Biel is dating Justin, and so she joined him out here. Sean had a kick hanging out with them and chatting with different people in the film crew! Sean was the professional photographer for the team.. ha ha.. He has a new nick name as paparatzi sean because he wouldnt stop taking pictures of them. As you can see he snagged a couple good ones of them. Sean also had Justin sign a baseball for me.. kind of sweet and funny!
One of the newspaper writers found out about the signed ball and interviewed me for the corpus christi times.. The link below shows you the few statements about us.. Pretty funny!! It is the last 2 paragraphs of the article!! So i guess our first day in Corpus wasnt so shabby!

Today we woke up and spent the first hour searching for a breakfast joint.. couldnt even find a Denny's.. so ended up at Starbucks. Sean has eaten Starbucks for bfast the last four days with me and is a bit sick of eating a pastry and coffee.. He reminded me today that he is a professional athlete and needs more than that!! Pretty hysterical!!

Anywho.. we are trying to find a place to live. After looking all day.. pretty frustrated. But we know God has somethin for us!
Good News is I have an interview set up for thursday for the Children's Hospital that is in town! Pray hard guys.. I need a job and we need a place to live asap!!
Well cant wait till some of you come and visit! There aint much here.. but we will figure out the hot spots!
Love you all. We made it safe and are excited for this baseball season!!

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cgentzkow said...

So yesterday afternoon I found a website that has the home games live:

I showed Brianne and Sean this yesterday afternoon. I purchased the season pass for the Hooks for $14.99. You can do this by clicking on the “big savings” picture then click on “catch you professional and juniors team live action…” and then click the “cc hooks” logo. Fill out the forms and then you are done. To watch the game click on the home page and then the baseball link under the schedule.