Saturday, March 7, 2009

Louisianna- Home of Mr. David!

I actually shot and hit the skeet in this pic, 
even with my bangs completely covering my eyes.. hahah.. i was soo EXCITED!
Me and Mo- almost died on the Mule.. SO FUN!
The funnest Four!!
Those shot guns are LOUD.. gotta keep our ear plugs in!
Shooting skeet with a 12 gauge shot gun. Result: not much shot, but a gigantic bruise from my right shoulder to my bicep. OUCH!!
Sean shooting skeet.. and he is really good at it.
Mr. David and Mr. Sean hunting birds.

Along our journey, we always stop in Hammond, Louisiana to visit our dear friend-Mr. David Clemons. Mr. David is one of Sean's fellow Kappa Sig brothers from Baylor. There is no one like Mr. David. He is PURE country boy. He is amazing. Sean and I have more fun with him. He lives in a very small town where everyone knows everyone. Mr. David is very respected in his town. Anyways, we had a hoot of a time with him and his girlfriend this year. We ate alligator, craw fish, jambalaya, shot skeet with 12 g shot guns, shot the rifle at targets, off roaded on the four wheeler's,  and drank purple haze(the best raspberry ale) by the fire. It was awesome to get to know both David and Mo, his girlfriend. They always are so hospitable and let us play, play, play. Sean is in heaven when we are at Mr. David's camp and gets to be a real boy.. chopping trees down for fire wood, shooting his gun at anything he chooses, fishing.. etc.
I think Sean and I would do well in a small town. It is so simple and relaxing. It is truly good ol' fun. Don't need much money to entertain yourselves for hours.
Thank you Mr. David for being such a gentleman and so hospitable to us California Kids.
Oh P.S. I ate ALLIGATOR!! I was a bit nervous, but it was actually very good. It tasted like Chicken!! I was so proud of myself.

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