Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Birth Day: Reid Austin Walker

February 3rd, 2011 our first born son arrived at 9:55am weighing in at 7lbs 4 oz and 20.5 inches long. We cannot express to you what an amazing day it was. Sean and I could not stop crying and smiling for the first 24 hours and beyond.

The day began early. I woke up at 530am to shower and get ready for the day. Sean turned on our Ipod while we were packing up and getting ready. The first song he played was David Crowder's "Oh Praise Him". It is one of our favorite songs. When we got married we played it as our recessional. There was no better song to play on the day of our son's birth than "oh praise him- for he is holy". The entire process of conceiving and carrying and then birthing a baby is purely from the Lord and he is to be praised solely! As we listened to the song- we both started balling. We found ourselves just holding each other standing in awe of what was about to occur in a few short hours.

Well, we arrived at the hospital at 7am and the preop process began. Everything went smoothly. At 930am- they walked me down to the OR. From there- Sean and I were separated. They wouldn't let Sean watch them do my spinal, so I went in without him until it was all set up and ready. I began to panic a little. I was so scared of the spinal, but to be honest it didn't even hurt. It was super easy. Five minutes later- they brought Sean into the OR and one minute later they were cutting me open. It was so quick!

And then..the infamous first cry. I cannot tell you the emotion that overwhelms you when you hear your child's first cry. I couldn't stop crying. It was absolutely incredible! I couldn't see him right away but Sean kept saying, "he is perfect.. he is gorgeous.." It was beyond amazing. It was so great to have Sean there with his camera so that he could document all parts of the day. We hope you enjoy our little bundle of joy. The last five days have been the BEST days of our lives. We cant stop kissing and staring at him.


Amy Gray said...

Sooo beautiful. He is precious and these memories are amazing!!

courtney said...

brianne -- reid is so handsome!!! congratulations. have loved reading your blog all this year. hope you're soaking up these first few days, and falling into a new rhythm of life! lots of love -- courtney (whitmore/baldridge)