Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The bump: 39 weeks+ the night before the birth

Wow.. I cant believe I am actually writing this post right now. It is 8:30 pm on February 2nd and I am laying on the couch next to Sean, watching Tv, fire burning, eating girl scout cookies, blogging. It is the night before our baby boy is going to be born. It is the craziest feeling knowing that he will be born tomorrow morning and that there is no more restless nights of wondering when he will make his debut. In 13 hours he will be out of my tummy! It is sooo crazy! I cannot describe the feelings I have been feeling today. I kept myself busy- meeting up with a dear friend for breakfast, mani-pedis, lunch, CPR class, lab draw, home to finish laundry and pack, then out for one last date night with my sweet husband. It has been an amazing day preparing for our lil man. I just cant believe that this pregnancy is almost over. I cant lie, I have LOVED being pregnant. Sure there are those things that get annoying about being pregnant, but for the most part- i have never ever in my life felt better. I was sharing with Sean tonight that this is the longest time in my life where i have been off ALL medications. It has been 14 months since I was last on medication for my Crohns and it has has been absolutely a miracle being able to carry this child.
We are overly anxious and excited tonight dreaming about how it will all go tomorrow. Please continue to pray for us as we endure a long awaited day. My C section will be at 930am tomor am! We are going to watch a lil modern family- and then call it a night.. One last night sleep before we are up every hour with Reid.
Thank you for all your love and support throughout these last 10 months, i have never in my life felt so BLESSED AND LOVED!
Stay tuned for an updated post tomorrow. We will try to get some photos and post an update tomorrow but don't know if the hospital will have Internet.
Here are a few photos of our last "non-parent" date tonight.. We tried a new restaurant in Hillcrest called "Red Door" and it was absolutely adorable and delicious!


teampalacios said...

Its 9:30 now which means your just about to meet your precious little boy!!! Praying for you and that everything goes smoothly!

orangevity said...

Congratulations, Walkers. May little Reid be the joy of your lives. Que te vayas bien.

Ross said...

What a fun date night that must have been! You must have had such exciting conversations!