Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy First Week Reid!

What a fun week of FIRST's. In celebration of Reid's first week of life, I wanted to post a few pics of his very first sponge bath at home. He loved the water running over his head- but when it came time to de-robe him- he wasn't so jazzed. We have enjoyed all the firsts this week. From bringing him home for the first time to being peed on numerous times, to his first doctor's appointment, to his first night sleeping in his bassinet next to us in our room without anyone helping. We love our little FIRST born! We cant believe a week has already passed. Time truly flies when you are having FUN!


Shel + Stone said...

I am LOVING all of these photos... what a precious little thing! xo.

Allyson Baker said...

He is so so so cute...I can't get enough. Miss you guys.
Rich and Al