Monday, December 20, 2010

the bump: 32 weeks: Early Christmas Present: A NEW CAR!!

A few weeks ago, Sean flew out to Dallas to check out a car we had been looking for. We had been searching for the past month for a Volvo XC90. Everywhere we looked, everything was out of our price range or didnt have everything we had wanted. So one late night- Sean had found the perfect car for us, but the problem was is that it was in DALLAS, TEXAS. But if you know Sean, nothing will hold him back. The very next day he called about it and then had an inspecting company called "Inspect My Ride" go out there and after their inspection, everything came back good, so sean booked his flight for the following day. It was crazy. I was nervous during the entire process. Well all went well and shortly after Sean arrived, he bought the car and drove it back to San Diego. It was all a whirlwind, but oh was I so excited to see it when he got home. He surprised me at work with a big red bow on it and took me out to lunch. He is so romantic and loves to make things special. We love our new car and are so excited we finally have a safe, reliable, FAMILY car!

P.S. Sean hand made the BIG RED bow out of wrapping paper.. he was so cute.. he made it feel like a real life christmas car commercial! Love him!

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