Friday, December 24, 2010

the bump: 33 weeks: Christmas Eve

I had to work all day Christmas Eve, but as soon as I got off work we headed to Church with Sean's family and enjoyed Flood's Christmas Eve candlelight service. After church we went to Coronado for dinner at Sean's sister's house. It was so good. We enjoyed dinner and then went over to the hotel Del and walked around to see the lit up hotel and huge christmas tree while eating Moo-time ice cream. It was so much fun. I am so blessed to have such an amazing 2nd family. We all get a long so well. After leaving Coronado, we got home and decided we wanted to sleep under our christmas tree and watch holiday, so we pulled out our guest bed and moved the mattress in front of our christmas tree in family room, started a fire, and fell asleep under the lit tree. It was so fun! I felt like a little kid again!
Candlelight service (Sister-in-law, Ma-in-law, me)

My inlaws

The whole Family

Twas the Night before Christmas (Carrying on a tradion of grandpa reading the story to the grandkids)

Our slumber party under the Christmas Tree (Best Part of Christmas)

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