Friday, December 3, 2010

Volunteering at the Toussaint Academy

Last week, a bunch of us went down and volunteered at the Toussaint Academy. It is a home downtown San Diego that houses teenagers that need a home. Many of the kids are homeless for different reasons. Some have parents in prison, parents that have abandoned them, parents that have passed away. My mother in law's work always puts on a Christmas party for these kids each year, but this year they decided instead of throwing them a party- they had a bunch of us go down and decorate their home from floor to ceiling. So that they would feel like that had Christmas all season long! It was so much fun! It definitely started out the Christmas season out right. The kids really enjoyed it and it was so fun to just love on them. Here are some pics of the fun night. Each room had a different theme.

Chris- my bro in law- decorating it up
Sis-in- law decorated the cutest room using decals on the walls

My cute ma-in law- who organized it all!

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