Friday, August 6, 2010

Our humble abode!

In January, we finally moved into our adorable lil home. Although it is only 900 square feet.. we are over joyed with making it feel like HOME!
It took a few months to feel cozy, but little by little it has become my lil dream home!
I love how bright and clean it is. Some may say I am obsessed with white.. but i just love that clean, crisp feel.Hope you enjoy the pics.. and if you are ever in the area, our doors are always open to you! I love entertaining, so just call or come on by!

Family Room

Eating Nook/Kitchen/Laundry Room


Sean's Office/Guest Room

Our Room

Our beautiful backyard that Sean completely redid! We love eating all our meals out here!

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Allyson Baker said...

I love your house it looks so so cute. I can't wait to come see it.