Saturday, August 21, 2010

the bump : 15 weeks

So I am 15 wks officially yesterday. I love it gives you weekly updates of what the baby is developing each week. This week it states that the baby is the size of an apple and weighs approximately 2.5 oz. Which doesnt make since why i have definetly gained 7 lbs not just 2.5 oz.. haha! But it also said that the baby can move all its muscles and joints now and it's lil hands are opening and shutting. It also said that the babe's eyes are still fused shut- but very sensitive to light.. so i better stop laying out, so i dont blind the babe :)
I still cant believe this lil miracle growing inside me! It blows my mind! It is so wonderful to know that he/she is still growin well! I think I am beginning to love being pregnant. It is such an incredible time of life..
Stay tuned for the 15 wk pic!

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Carol said...

I was obsessed with Babycenter, and in fact, still get emails from them and now it's "your 29 month old is learning xyz." Enjoy every moment of this truly miraculous time. Here's an interesting fact that I never knew: the fat that you gain around your hips during pregnancy is a special kind of fat which is specifically deposited JUST for breastfeeding!! Our bodies are amazing! (maybe you already knew that...)