Saturday, August 21, 2010

the bump:14 weeks

So last week was the end of my 14th week so i had SW take a picture of me while we were in CO. I love this picture! I know you cant see the bump much, i just love how he took it into the sun on a ridge so all you can see is the big blue sky. The bump is becoming more and more each day. It is hard to totally accept the weight gain. Every week I gain! It is crazy.. but i cant really say Ive been watching what I eat either.. That has to be be one of the best parts of pregnancy. You eat whatever you want whenever you want it! haha!
I finally have started feeling much better. I am having a lil more energy and the nausea is pretty much gone! So thank you for all your prayers.
I am getting more and more excited to find out if its a boy or a girl. Only 3 more weeks til the big reveal. Nothing else is too new. Just been working a lot at Kaiser and with Sean Walker Photography. Life is good!

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