Monday, January 17, 2011

Special Delivery: Friend Shower

This past Sunday, we had so much fun. My best friends threw me a gorgeous shower including all the husbands. Andrew and Cheri have recently bought their first home and fixed it up so beautifully and so graciously hosted our beautiful shower. It was intended to be for me and my other dear friend Karrie, but Karrie went into labor that day and birthed her beautiful son the evening of the shower. SO it was an exciting day all the way around. The theme of the shower was "Special Delivery" and the girls made every detail so cute. It was truly one of my favorite days in my entire pregnancy. It was really relaxed. We ate delicious food, played really funny games, and just laughed alot and then got to celebrate all together when we received the text that Franklin Pyke was born. It made it so real that Reid is coming soon. This was the last "event" before his birth. Gosh I cant wait to meet this lil guy.

Bestest friends a girl could ask for!

Cheri and Andrew= Host and Hostest with the Mostest!

My precious mom.

Sister's lil family.

Love these kids.. cant wait for them to have their first cousin!

Spoelman Family, Oliver is goin to have a lil buddy soon!

Gettin started young.

Sean had to chug out of a baby bottle.. so funny!

He did it..almost 4 minutes later.

Who is going to dress, change the diaper and swaddle while blind folded the fastest??

Mommy of course.


Wynne & Stephen said...

Brianne you are the cutest person ever! I have loved getting to journey along with yall and your pregnancy and can't wait to continue it when sweet Reid is born! I really hope that one day we can be friends in real life! I love looking at all of yalls photos, obviously, and it's so fun to see a few familiar faces in there ;) Brynn & I were talking about you the other day too! Still wondering how you & Sean get all the fab pics together....tri pod? I seriously must know! praying for yall!


Sean and Brianne said...

Wynne- haha! Thanks i know i want to be real life friends too :)
And yes.. tripod all the way! or set it on trashcans and self timer.. sean has is it down to a science these days :)
cant wait to post pics of our lil guy!