Monday, November 1, 2010

the bump: 25 weeks

I cannot believe October is over. Happy November everybody.. This baby is going to be here before we know it.. Some exciting news this week is that we finally decided on his name. The lil rascal's name will be: Reid. We are still sorting through some names for the middle name.. but soon we will have his entire name! It is so fun to be able to finally call him by name. Sean and I both love the name Reid and we think it sounds great with Walker. It isnt a family name, just one that we both could agree on!
Well what else.. we had a great time celebrating Sean's 28th birthday yesterday. We slept in, had breakfast in, opened presents, then went to Sean's favorite lunch spot: Georges in La Jolla for shrimp tacos! After lunch we walked around La Jolla a bit and got one of our favorite desserts: Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory, Apple Pie Apple! YUMMO!
Later in the day I had to work, but sean went to Coronado to trick-r-treat with his nephew and had dinner with his family!
It was a great day. The weather in San Diego has been GORGEOUS and we have loved being able to enjoy it.

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