Wednesday, November 17, 2010

27 balloons, 27th Birthday Galore!

November 17th- I turned the big 27 and unfortunately I had to work most of the day! Despite work, Sean always makes it special no matter what. In the morning- he woke up and made pumpkin waffles, eggs and smoothies for breakfast all set and ready for me on our patio. We then went and bought our lil Reid his stroller! Then went to work.. But when I came home from work- I came home to a BIG surprise. When I got to the front door there was a solitary balloon that said "pop me"- so I popped it and it told me to open the door and continue popping 1-27. When I walked in the front door- there were balloons covering the ceiling of our family room! It was just like the movies. Sean had rented a helium tank to blow up each balloon so that he could write a note and stick it in the balloon and then tie it. So i walked around popping one at a time and getting so excited to pop the next. In each balloon he had written different reasons he loved me. So sweet! Then in the last balloon it said- my present was waiting in the bedroom. I walked over to our bedroom, turned on the lights and there was the bed/headboard I had always wanted Sean and his dad to make. Bob did an incredible job making this bed all by hand. Sean gave him the design and Bob ran with it! It is so awesome! I still cant believe I never found out about it! I was so surprised. So all in all- it turned out to be a Great Birthday!

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