Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wishes do Come True!!

My wonderful brother has been dating a beautiful gal named Marci. They met at Hume Lake many years ago working on staff together. They went their separate ways- Westmont, PLNU, jobs etc... Then one day they reconnected and the rest is history. God has created them solely to be TOGETHER FOREVER!! They fell in Love fast and it has been amazing to see our Faithful Father work in their lives. Today was a big day for them. Christopher proposed!! They are now on an exciting journey to get married. It feels so good to know that my new sister is AWESOME!! Our family is now Complete.. except for all the lil ones to come!
We love you Chris and Marci! Congratulations!!
This is a pic I took of them when we were all up at Hume together.. I know what Marci was wishing for.. heeheee. and now it came TRUE!!!!

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