Monday, August 24, 2009

Sean's 1st day in his FINAL semester at BAYLOR!

Sean all weekend, has been telling me "mommy dont make me go to school!!!!" or "Do i have to REEEEAAALLY do this?" My answer is always Yes YOU HAVE TO DO THIS!! Its going to be ok.. I bet you will actually kind of like it!! This morning he popped right out of bed at 630am. Headed to the shower, put on a cute new shirt he bought yesterday, debated to look nice and responsible or cool and relaxed.. hahah soo adorable. I then told him I would make him a yummy breakfast, but he said he' d rather have a bowl of cereal and OJ. After bfast he read his bible for a bit and then started putting all his supplies and schedule together. Around 740, I told him he better get his bike and get going so he gets there a bit early before his 8am class. He agreed and got on his way.. Well at 743 he called me. I said, hey what did you forget? He said nothing.. I JUST GOT HIT BY A CAR!!!!! I said, NO WAY.. stop joking.. He said IM NOT JOKING.. A lady was pulling out of the apartment complex and didnt look both ways.. and i saw it coming and knew she was going to blast me and there was nothing i could do to get out of the way. I said.. OH my GOSH!! Well i am coming, where are you? He said, NO i think i am ok. I put a huge dent in her hood of her car and I landed on my face, but i really think I am ok! I said, no let me come get you.. he persisted and said, no its ok.. i gotta get to class!!
It was a crazy start to a crazy day!! I havent heard from him yet, but i am sure he made it to his first class. Please pray that he isnt super sore the next few days, that he is truly OK!! Wow God sure watches over us!! He wasnt even wearing a helmet!
Well wish us luck in this crazy semester! Pray not only for Sean's safety (hehehe) but also that he will enjoy school and do well and not be super stressed. Love you guys!

Not too happy about packing up and heading to school!Photobucket
School supplies.Photobucket
Checkin his schedule online, and writin it down.
Lookin cute, cool and responsible..
Just before he got hit.. so sad!

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Ross said...

So this is the last picture of Sean pre-hit-and-run! He looks so peaceful in the morning glow of Waco. So peaceful yet so naive about what's about to happen to him. Freaking hilarious! Glad you are okay though :)