Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Amazing October Dinner!

I have been quite bored lately since my work keeps cancelling me. So I decided I love cooking and why not try some new recipes. Last night we were supposed to have some friends over for dinner. So I planned for a very yummy dinner. Our friends were unable to make it so it made for a very delicious dinner date with the hub.
In the morning I found a gfree pumpkin cheesecake recipe with gfree ginger snap crust! I was very scared to try this because I have never attempted to make a cheesecake. I went out to go buy a springform pan, and while I was at the store I saw this adorable mini pumpkin cheesecake pan. So instead of the springform, i decided to make mini punkin cheesecakes. I was nervous making them because I had no idea when they were done. I looked up tips online, but everyone told me different! Anywho, they turned out soo cute and super delicious. I have a lot of leftovers! The only thing that wasnt the best was that the crust wasnt crunchy. It tasted awesome, but was a lil moist..
For dinner I made chicken cutlets with cream cheese and chive in the middle with bacon overlay along with roasted red potatoes and salad with balsamic. It was so good. I only ate half of mine because it was really rich and with my stomach still getting better, I didnt want to overdo it and I had to save room for my mini desserts. The chicken was soo moist and delicious. Sean could not stop thanking me and saying how it was his new favorite. It was soo simple, you all should try it!If you want the recipes.. check out my sister's recipe blog at
I think I might start my own gfree recipe blog.. Have a happy week!



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Lazaro Family said...

yay, that meal was BOMB. so good. Oscar said "wow, so fancy" and it took me 5min to prepare!