Monday, February 25, 2008

We Made it!!

Hey everyone.. WE MADE IT. Saturday mornin, we headed out of Louisiana and on through Mississippi, Alabama, and finally to Florida. We landed in Kissimmee at 10:30 Saturday night. We were a bit nervous to see what our place looked like because we had only seen a few pictures online and the rest was pure trust. All of our anxiety was swept away when we walked into our place. It is so nice. It has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, full kitchen, living area, laundry room.... It feels like a mansion in comparison to the trailer. So Sunday morning we slept in, got mimi's for breakfast, went to super target which had an amazing grocery store inside target. It was fantastic. We unpacked, did laundry, and got settled. We made a nice home cooked meal and then headed off to church. Sean had remembered a church he had gone to before, so we went. It was called Status. It was so refreshing to be in church. Sean and I hadn't been to church in soo long because I had to work like every sunday before we left. Anyway, this church was awesome. The pastor and music were great. He talked about the sermon on the mount. Really instilled in both of us, how we need to be livin our lives. We are soo excited to get back on track with the Lord and have time to dive into His word everyday. I am excited to meet the other wives and have everyone over for dinners. Sean and I both realized that God could use us in many ways, we just have to allow it to happen and learn from Him what he wants from us. Its exciting to be broken and alive again in Christ. We both had such good conversations after the sermon last night. So refreshing!
Well Sean starts spring training today. He was so excited, up at 6 ready to go for his 7 oclock Dr's appt. I am currently at a Panera because they have free internet, and we dont have internet in our place.
We will continue to update you all with all the exciting news. Thank you for all your prayers. We got across the entire US without one crash, ticket, and fight. I know we cant believe it either. We didn't get in one fight the whole time in the car. We are madly in love with each other and so happy to be together for the first time on this journey.
Love you all.. miss you already!!
Things to pray for:
*Sean's health- that he wont get injured but will have a great healthy spring training!
*My health- My Crohn's is actin up a little. I think I just need a normal schedule again.. but pray it doesn't get out of control!
*Our testimony here will be a light to all that meet us!

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lazarofamily said...

so glad you're finally settled! i luv you. so thankful the place in FL was legit too :-) hope you're feeling better. miss you already. xo, me