Monday, February 25, 2008

Louisiana is Amazing!

We pulled into Hammond Louisiana on Thursday night. It was so fun seeing David Clemons(one of Sean's best friends from Baylor, and one of my new favorite people). David Clemons is close to 7 feet of pure southern manners and fun. The first night we went to a very hip sushi place. Sean and I were a lil skeptical goin to sushi in louisiana, but it was some of the best we ever had. After sushi we went over to a very cool old bar to shoot some pool. It was very fun. The next day we woke up and headed out to David's family's ranch/camp. His family owns a large plot of land and on it they have lakes and ponds and a large mobile home with a big sundeck. They call it camp. So after we set up camp, we went into town to have a plate full of cajun crawfish. DISGUSTING! Well actually it just smells bad but really tastes quite good. I could have never eaten a plate full of it, but it was fun to try. I stuck with my chicken fingers and fries. While we were at lunch, the owner named Possum, came over and explained the history of the restaraunt and how it had been around since 1916. It was so fun to hear all the history of the town.
After lunch we went back to camp and fished all afternoon. Sean and I had our own boat and Dave and his girl had their own boat. The boys caught a few fish, but the girls only got nibbles and no catches. Still very fun.
After fishin, we ate dinner, after dinner we got on his four wheeler and went spot lighting through camp searching for animals for the boys to shoot. It was so scary and fun. If you could imagine 4 people on a four wheeler, boys have rifles in hand, girls bundled up in sleeping bags because it is freezing, and all of us laughing because dave just keeps making his own paths by running over trees and getting stuck in the muddy swamps. Nonetheless, it was a day full of fun ending with homemade chocolate chip pie around the campfire.
Great pitstop within our very long roadtrip. I would go back to Louisiana any day. Everyone should go there once. It is good for the soul!


lazarofamily said...

you guys are nuts! great stories to tell the kids!

rockinmama said...

man, i am so jealous. i love crawfish. i truly miss that from my days in east texas. oh well, maybe i can find some in a drainage ditch here in el cajon if it keeps raining like it is. - this is scott on elizabeths account. i know i am sure you thought it was elizabeth raving about crawfish.