Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We have made it across 4 states!!

Hello yall.. We have landed ourselves in Waco, Tx for the next few days. Our road trip started in Vegas.. where we had lots of fun with Ben and Tiff seeing KA (cirque du solei), eating dinners, going to the spa,etc.... Then the next morning I woke up with a piercing earache. It was so bad that we got up at 7am and drove straight to the Vegas ER. I was soo embarrassed to go to an ER for an earache.. but didnt have too many options.. Soon to find out I had double ear infection in my right ear and a mild ear infection in my left. They put me on a decongestant and antibiotic.. and was feelin better after the first dose!!
So after a relaxing 2nd day in Vegas we departed to the Grand Canyon ( a 2 hour trip in Sean's eyes was really a 5 hour trip). The length was a bit long in getting there.. but it was well worth it. One of the most gorgeous places we have both ever seen. We knew it was grand, but had no idea it was soooo GRAND!!. It was a bit chilly there (30 degrees). Sean couldnt find a sweatshirt in the mix of everything and therefore was very chilly in his vneck short sleeve shirt.. ha ha..
Anyhoo.. we carried on another 5 hours on Sunday through Flagstaff Arizona to Albuquerque, New Mexico.. to stay in a great 36.95/night Motel 6. So nasty.. but at least a cozy bed to crash our heads on.
Monday we started our 10 hour journey to Texas.. We landed in Waco Texas, where Baylor University lives. Sean has some favorite memories in this town. As soon as we saw signs of Waco he got soooo excited and full of nostalgia. His leg started tapping bigger, his eyes shined brighter, and his speech was speedier and speedier. It was hilarious. So here we sit in the most adorable coffee shop on the campus of Baylor to update this blog to yall.
Thank you for all our prayers.. I am continuing to feel better. We are safe and having a great time on the road. Every hour we invent a new game to keep us occupied. Its been pretty fun. I really thought it would be a lot worst. It is not bad at all.
Love all of you. Miss all of you. We will keep you updated throughout our journey! Enjoy the pics!!

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