Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shots by Sean

Today, we received a special delivery containing my Vitamin B12 shots. I am excited to start these because they will give me a lot more energy. I told Sean either I can give it to myself or I can teach him how to do it to me. He didn't hesitate to volunteer. He was actually excited to give it to me!
So, after dinner he gave me my first shot. He was so excited. He wanted to take pictures of this expirience. So funny! Then I told him he should put my scrubs on to look like a real nurse, and he was really excited to do this too.. HAHAH!! So here he is being a "real" nurse and giving his first shot on his lil wife.
Hope these pictures dont make you faint. The red liquid in the syringe is NOT blood. It is the vitamin B12. I will be getting 2 shots a week. Hopefully I will feel better in no time.
Oh and he did a great job.. I DID Scream!! Which scared him a bit.. and left the syringe just sticking into my leg, asking me " WHAT NOW??" I coached him through it and he did great! I love having another nurse in this family.. but i dont really like being the patient!!

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Lazaro Family said...

oh man, I sympathesize. Giving you that Humira shot that one time killed me. I am not a person to inflict pain. Nice work Sean although the tight scrubs needs to be on "Scrubs"