Monday, January 7, 2008

Great News: Sean just found out that he was invited to go to Spring Training Mini camp. This camp is for a select few that the astros see as high prospects. We are both very excited for the season to come. It is a great oppurtunity for his career. The only down side is that we have to report to Florida 2 weeks earlier. Therefore we are leavin San diego in about 5 weeks. So crazy. Please praise the Lord for this awesome oppurtunity and also pray for the journey ahead. We both are doing great. Marriage is amazing. Thank you for all your love and support. We will continue to need it! Here is to Sean and baseball and here is to a GREAT 2008!!


Dave Santamaria said...

attah baby walkers!

grannygoosemingsne said...

I have never blogged before; this is a first for me. I wish you a safe and happy journey in your travels and in your life. Love, Great Aunt Alice (RKW's sister)